TraceCode Toolkit

Identifying open source software components “at rest” in a development-side codebase or repository is necessary, but insufficient, to understand and comply with the conditions of open source licenses. In order to understand your real obligations, you need to know which components are deployed (Cloud or device) or distributed (software download) to other parties. Identifying deployed or distributed components inherently depends on the software languages, frameworks and platforms that you use.

TraceCode Toolkit is a collection of tools to help you determine which components are actually distributed or deployed for your product. The tools are necessarily very different for different CI/CD workflows. The most complex use case is C/C++ code where you need to compile source files and then link the object files in multiple steps. The TraceCode-strace tool provides a complete trace of each step in a build including a build graph.

We will be releasing more TraceCode Toolkit modules for Java and other languages/platforms soon.


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