ScanCode Workbench

ScanCode Workbench is a desktop GUI application to view and analyze Scan files created by ScanCode Toolkit. The UI is based on Tree and Table View of your codebase where you can:

  • Navigate your codebase tree.
  • Display your Scan data in a tabular format- you can choose which columns to display or hide, set filters on any set of columns and search.

ScanCode WB also offers several Dashboard views including:

  • File Info Dashboard – displays charts of Programming Languages, File Types and Copyright Holders.
  • License Info Dashboard – displays charts of License Expressions, Keys and Policies.
  • Package Info Dashboard – displays charts of Package Types, Languages and Licenses.
  • Chart Summary View – displays License or Copyright information with drill-down to tabular data.

ScanCode Workbench is based on Electron and SQLite. It is available for modern 64-bit versions of Linux, MacOS and Windows.