ScanCode Workbench

ScanCode Workbench is a desktop GUI application to view and annotate Scan files created by ScanCode Toolkit. The UI is based on a Tree/Directory view of your codebase where you can:

  • Display your Scan data in a tabular format - you can choose which columns to display or hide, set filters on any set of columns and search.
  • Directly annotate the Scan data with your Conclusions about the primary copyright, license and other data that you want to record for your Software Inventory. You can export your Conclusions in JSON, CSV or Excel format for transfer to your FOSS Inventory system.

ScanCode WB also offers several Dashboard views including:

  • File Info Dashboard – displays charts of Programming Languages, File Types and Copyright Holders.
  • License Info Dashboard – displays charts of License Expressions, Keys and Policies.
  • Package Info Dashboard – displays charts of Package Types, Languages and Licenses.

ScanCode Workbench is based on Electron and SQLite. It is available for Linux, MacOS and Windows.