ScanCode Toolkit

ScanCode Toolkit is the scanning “engine” for ScanCode. It is a command-line tool written in Python with many scanning options and output formats (JSON, CSV or SPDX). There is already a large set of pre- and post-plugins and you can also create your own plugins.

  • ScanCode TK detects licenses, copyrights, package manifests and more in both source code and binary files.
  • ScanCode TK is the most accurate license detection engine. It does a full comparison (aka. diff) between a database of license texts and your code instead of relying only on regex patterns or probabilistic search, edit distance or machine learning.
  • As a standalone command line tool or library, ScanCode TK is easy to install, run and embed in your CI/CD processing pipeline.
  • You can use ScanCode Workbench to review and display scan results and codebase statistics. to review and display scan results and codebase statistics.

ScanCode is used by many FOSS projects and organizations such as the Eclipse Foundation,, the FSF, OSS Review Toolkit,, RedHat Fabric8 analytics and many more.