Google Summer of Code 2021 has come to an end

Thank you to all who participated in AboutCode’s organization during GSoC 2021. Enthusiasm from prospective students has never been higher and we enjoy being able to grow our open source community each year via Google Summer of Code.

Congratulations to our four students who have all successfully completed their projects for GSoC 2021!


Below is a short summary of each of the successful projects. Feel free to follow the various links for more details.

Avishrant Sharma - Integration of Alternate Code Analysis Tools

Avishrant worked on a way to implement and integrate license detection and copyright scanning tools like Google Licenseclassifier, GitHub Licensee and others in the form of installable packages and wheels for scancode-io. As an example of this kind of integration, a Python wrapper package was built around Google License Classifier v2 to provide license detection as a new installable pipeline.

Pratik Dey - Integrate VirtualCodebase with Deltacode

Pratik worked on refactoring deltacode to use Scancode-Toolkit’s Virtual Codebase class. This refactoring allows DeltaCode to be used as a library as opposed to only a CLI tool. The refactoring included using a BFS tree scan of the two tree structures instead of indexing an entire codebase in order to make the delta analysis more efficient.

Akanksha Garg - Detect Unknown Licenses and Indirect License references in ScanCode

Akanksha worked on scancode-toolkit to the improve the accuracy of detection for “unknown” licenses using n-grams. The project also included improvements for tracking references in source files to a separate license file.

Hritik Vijay - VulnerableCode importers refactoring and addition

Hritik worked on adding new VulnerableCode importers which are utilties to collect software vulnerability data from many new sources. VulnerableCode is a free and open database to aggregate vulnerabilities and correlate them to packages.