AboutCode.org accepted to 2020 Google Summer of Code!

AboutCode.org is pleased to announce that Google has chosen us as a mentor organization for Google Summer of Code 2020!

This will be AboutCode.org’s second consecutive year participating in the Google Summer of Code program (GSoC), a summer program that encourages student developers to work on and learn about open source development. Google sponsors selected students to work on open source projects for three months. AboutCode.org is excited to work again with the best and brightest students who are passionate about open source development.

AboutCode projects

AboutCode.org is a community of open source developers who are trying to make open source easier to use by providing open source tools to discover, identify and track open source components (aka Software Composition Analysis – SCA). AboutCode is the collective name for these open source tools.

AboutCode projects include contributions from many other people, projects and organizations, including students from the Google Summer of Code (2017, 2019) and Google Season of Docs (2019) programs. Our goal for GSoC 2020 is to engage students who want to learn how real open source development works.

Students who are interested should start now to get oriented to AboutCode and our list of project ideas at our GSoC 2020 wiki page. You can apply starting March 16, 2020, but it will be important for you to become familiar with how we work before you apply. All proposals must be submitted by March 31, 2020. This is a great opportunity to get involved in the open source community and get hands-on experience writing code while earning a stipend.