Google Season of Docs (GSOD) 2019

AboutCode has been accepted as a participant in the Google Season of Docs in 2019 as a mentoring org, and is looking for people with technical writing skills. The AboutCode GitHub repo wiki contains information for technical writers and anyone else interested in helping.

AboutCode is a family of FOSS projects to uncover data about software code:

  • Where does the code come from? which software package?
  • What is its license? copyright?
  • Is the code secure, maintained, well coded?

All these questions are important, and are relevant to millions of free and open source software components available on the web for reuse. The answers are critical to ensure that everyone can safely consume free and open source software.

Join us to make it so!

Our tools are used to help detect and report the origin and license of source code, packages and binaries as well as to discover software and package dependencies, and in the future track security vulnerabilities, bugs and other important software package attributes. This is a suite of command line tools, web-based and API servers and desktop applications.